02 March 2009

10 Things You Should Now About Obama's Budget

I received an email newsletter from MoveOn.org today. It contained a list that I thought was worth sharing. President Obama is really trying to keep true to his word, and make changes to support the working family, and clean up the excess government spending!It is fantastic to see him rolling out the ideas and getting them started right away!

"10 things you should know about Obama's plan(but probably don't)

The plan:

  1. Makes a $634 billion down payment on fixing health care that will go a long way toward paying for a more efficient, more affordable health care system that covers every single American.
  2. Reduces taxes for 95% of working Americans. And if your family makes less than $250,000, your taxes won't go up one dime.
  3. Invests more than $100 billion in clean energy technology, creating millions of green jobs that can never be outsourced.
  4. Brings our troops home from Iraq on a firm timetable, finally bringing the war to a close—and freeing up almost ten billion dollars a month for domestic priorities.
  5. Reverses growing income inequality. The plan lets the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans expire and focuses on strengthening the middle class.
  6. Closes multi-billion-dollar tax loopholes for big oil companies.
  7. Increases grants to help families pay for college—the largest increase ever.
  8. Halves the deficit by 2013. President Obama inherited a legacy of huge deficits and an economy in shambles, but his plan brings the deficit under control as soon as the economy begins to recover.
  9. Dramatically increases funding for the SEC and the CFTC—the agencies that police Wall Street.
  10. Tells it straight. For years, budgets have used accounting tricks to hide the real costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bush tax cuts, and too many other programs. Obama's budget gets rid of the smokescreens and lays out what America's priorities are, what they cost, and how we're going to pay for them.

This is the change we voted for. 
President Obama has done his part..."
The friendly folks over at MoveOn.org suggest that this information is passed to everyone we know.
Let us make sure our voices our heard, and our choice is not taken away from us.
You can email your friends and family and pass along what Obama's proposed budget includes. A sample email to copy and paste is at the MoveOn.org website.

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