10 March 2009

Adventure Land Opens at JumpStart World

Adventure Land at JumpStart.com
Yes, I do know what time it is! And yes, my 6 year old really is still chugging along, and his 8 year old brother is sitting right next to him....

How can you blame him? He went to check something at JumpStart.com, and started getting very upset... something about the musical guitar being gone.... don't worry we found it.
In it's place was the brand new JumpStart World 'Adventure Land' section. And it is OPEN! How exactly does a parent say, "Stop that learning right this minute, and go to bed!"?

Hmmmphhh, that one thing about life learning/unschooling. Learning doesn't follow a schedule in our house. It's something more like our schedule follows the learning!
Little A is busy learning.... he just said something about being trapped in a box. I wonder if that is anything like being lost in a paper bag? Cool glider... gliding over Adventure land, swooping down into the spray of water from the water fall... and out over the pirate ship.... The ship takes you out to the mysterious island...at least that's what the boys are telling me. Only problem is you have to have a membership to get onto the ship... waiting for ours to become active.

Patience is a virtue, a learned virtue... Meanwhile they will squash bugs...if only they can find it again....

I'm tired. They can stay up and learn, I'm going to sleep now. I'll tell you more about Adventure Land later.
Good night all.

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