23 March 2009

Cheap Cat Toy, Quality Family Time!

cheap cat toy, and quality family time. I believe this to be a great combination.

We have been very amused this evening as our cat, Muffin, repeatedly attacks the window chasing the bugs flying around just outside the window. Maybe the bugs flying just outside the window are why she keeps climbing the screen lately...but as it is getting dark, it is too cold today to have the window open. And so her claws keep scraping down the glass, making that retched fingernails on the blackboard sound.

I'm not quite sure why everyone gathered, but we were seriously sitting around the window in the living room just watching her and laughing. She would pounce to the top of the window, claws sliding down the glass screeching. The grand finale of her performance was her falling off the narrow window sill and landing on the seating bench below.

Every so often, as she leaped to the top of the window, she would knock the half lowered blind away from the window and the curtains would flutter, creating a quite dramatic effect. We were falling over laughing as she just kept repeating the same performance over and over for a good fifteen minutes or so.

I'm not sure what is more fun, watching Muffin:
  • play with her Fur Mouse Cat Toy
  • play with a leaf of green cabbage
  • trying to catch the bugs outside of the closed window
Is this what they mean by the phrase "cheap entertainment"? Certainly these are each a cheap cat toy that has provided plenty of entertainment for both our cat, Muffin, and us!

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