10 March 2009

Frankie at JumpStart World

Frankie from JumpStartThis image of Frankie comes from the 'Fun for Parents' section of JumpStart.com. Frankie is available in the corner of a sheet of lined paper available as a .pdf file for parents to print out for their children.

Frankie is a well loved character from JumpStart. He has been around for several years now. (Don't worry Frankie, I won't tell them how old you really are!) I can tell you that we remember his mug from JumpStart Advanced though!

Little A says that Frankie is a very patient guide. He has been known to flap his ears and hover just off the ground while waiting. At other times he can be seen sitting cross legged on the ground with his hands resting on his legs...

Parents may wonder if he is meditating... is that the 'OM' finger symbol I see him holding?

Personally, we have always wished that Frankie was a cat instead of an (ah...aaahh..aaahhh...aaahhh...aaahhhh-choooooooo) dog. Could someone hand me a tissue (preferably a Puffs) please?

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