25 March 2009

Fur Mouse Cat Toy Wins!

I am thinking that the fur mouse cat toy wins. We gave this particular fur mouse cat toy to Muffin for Christmas this past year, and she carried it around all day that first day. I swear it never left her mouth! For the first week or so, she never let this fur mouse cat toy out of her reach. She carried it with her from place to place, leaving it next to the food dish while she ate, and even just outside the litter box when she had to take care of business!

Fur Mouse Cat Toy - Muffin and Little AFur Mouse Cat Toy - Muffin and stoolFur Mouse Cat Toy - Muffin and car carrier
This fur mouse cat toy has remained her favorite toy, and we even had to buy a second fur mouse cat toy for our other cat, Nora, to play with, because Muffin would not share! This is definitely Muffin's favorite cat toy. Who knew that a $4 fur mouse cat toy could bring so much pleasure into all of our lives?!

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