09 March 2009

Knowledge Adventure Asked ME.....!

I am so excited about this opportunity! The nice folks over at Knowledge Adventure asked ME to review their latest product...the JumpStart Virtual World! JumpStart World is educational games for both your computer and  online!
I used the old version of JumpStart cd-roms back when my teenage daughter was going through the kindergartenthrough 3rd gradematerials, and we loved them then. She had so much fun playing them, and they reinforced everything else that she learned during the day. As Life Learners/Unschoolers, our days don't look much like school, but the learning is there none the less. But, I digress....

I will be writing a review for the JumpStart WorldProducts, online and off, from our family's perspective... that means that we will be starting out between the preschool and kindergartenmaterials on the computer, enhancing our learning in the online virtual world, and probably poke through any older material available so I can know where the boys will out grow them!

Watch for it my thoughts about their products soon. I would love to hear from anyone else familiar with the JumpStart world products! Share your thoughts in the comments please!

...And to think this all started because my grandmother wanted to know if she could send them a check to pay for a membership for the boys! (The answer was 'No'.... Bummer!)

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