12 April 2009

And More About Life Learning...

Q: Do you ever worry that you will mess up?
A: Worry about it... no. I mess up all the time, nobody is perfect. And when the kids see you mess up, and then apologize, clean up, or fix it, then they learn to react the same way... no more lying because they might get into trouble.
And when you mess up, and the kids didn't see it.... go clean up, fix it, or apologize... you will feel better about yourself. Lying to yourself never works out well!
Q: Don't you have to be a teacher to homeschool?
A: Every state does have different regulations, but it is legal to home school in every state of the United States.
www.hslda.org is the website for the Home School Legal Defense Association. They have excellent information on the requirements of each state.
In most states, you do not have to hold a teaching certificate in order to homeschool your own children. 
Q: But am I qualified to teach them...can I really do it?
A: Everyone goes through thinking like this, sometimes for a long time. When I went through this, my mom said something that has stuck with me to this day. "Who taught her to walk, to tie her shoes, to get dressed, to brush her hair? Who taught her how to eat with silverware and drink from a cup? You are already her teacher, and you have been doing it for a few years now..." (Thanks mom!) Who teaches your children when they are not in school? How is it any different?
Keep the questions coming! I am sure I haven't covered everything yet!

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