20 April 2009

Are You Comfortable With Your Horror?

Is it possible to get so worn down by events in your life that you start to think that it has always been this way? And then once you find your way back out, why is it so easy to slide right back into?

It's funny, we were only supposed to stay in this God forsaken trailer for a few months. I said shortly after we moved in that it felt like it was sucking the life out of me... yes, the vampire trailer! We have seen the strangest things living here... We have lived under some really horrible conditions, because the landlord doesn't want to spend any money to fix things. And of the strangest occurrences is the one where we forgot that we could leave.

Okay, it is not quite that bad, we haven't found the money to move. But I think at this point it is better to just move. I am quite certain that the extra money we spend every month trying to fix or maintain things here will cover the extra expense of living someplace else!

And just today we realized how accustomed to the horrendous heat we have let ourselves become. I had forgotten that not everywhere in the south is plagued by hundred degree days by the end of April.Yes, it is time to break out of the comfort zone, and pick up and move!

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