22 April 2009

Education In The Age Of Media Literacy

"The naysayers who decry the loss of one kind of reading, while abandoning the many kinds of reading skills that youth need in a complex multi-modal world, are failing those students utterly."

An article that discusses the necessity for educators to embrace the idea of media literacy, and integrate it into their curriculum rather than discouraging it or fighting against it.

I love this quote! When my now 16yo daughter started learning to read, she quickly became engrossed in magazines. She rebelled against chapter books, and even some Dr. Suess' stories were too long to capture her. But as she had quite a satisfactory reading ability, despite her choice of reading format, I was quick to remind the nay-sayers that she truly was reading. When pushed to test her reading ability, others were surprised to find that at the age of 7 and 1/2 years old, she was reading fifth grade material... 
She quite quickly embraced the idea of learning to create web pages when I introduced her to them, and has learned to navigate the internet like it is her own backyard. When she rebelled against the idea of writing reports, and grandparents were not close enough to hear her creative and dramatic presentations of what she had learned, she came up with the idea to create web pages. 

For me, it was never her learning or reading skill that was in question. It has always been a matter of her being able to present materials she had or was learning in a format that grandparents could see her skills improving. I guess I have down a decent job of integrating the teaching of media literacy over the years... and I am pleased as punch that she criticizes the spelling and grammar of "other kids her age" online as she travels at the speed of electrons across the world from the comfort of the living room.

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