11 April 2009

More about Life Learning...

Q: What do you like about life learning?
A: Umm... everything! Life learning is a natural extension of attachment parenting for me. I love to spend time with my children. I regained my sense of wonder of the world around me by following my children's example, by learning to see things through their eyes. One of the things I like most about life learning is how much I have learned from my children!

I have learned to live life with excitement and wonder of what each new day will bring. I have learned to indulge myself in my whims of learning new things. I have learned to be creative and passionate. I have learned to fill every day with laughter and smiles and hugs, and not to hold on to regrets and grudges.

And yes, what I like most about life learning is how I have benefited by it!

Q: But what do the children get out of it?
A: Oh yeah, I knew I was forgetting something! Not really, I just want everyone to know that the benefits truly go both ways.
The children get to follow their dreams, learn autonomy, and learn self control. When anyone is able to learn what the want to learn in their favorite way, taking as much or as little time as they want, magical things happen. This is no less true of children. In allowing children to learn this way, you inspire their love of learning, and their ability to learn. I believe that there is no greater gift you can give your children than that... the ability to know how to learn.

Q: How is exactly do they learn self control by homeschooling?!
A: Perhaps the more appropriate term would be self regulation, but is that no the basis for self control? By allowing children to over do it, or push past the normal limits, they learn the consequences of those actions. When this is learned at a young age, there are a lot less problems or peer influence as they get older. in a way it promotes self esteem also. They know who they are, what they are capable of, and they are not easily swayed.
It certainly has made raising a teenage a mostly pleasurable experience...
My 6 & 8 yo boys on the other hand are still going through the over doing it stage! LOL

Q: Do you let them do whatever they want?!
A: That would be somewhere between silly and irresponsible. I let them over do it on things that will not hurt others, or (permanently) hurt them. Eating all the candy at one time may give them a stomach ache, but they will live through it! Then when they want to try it again, you remind them of their experience with it. Depending on how stubborn the child is, they may need to try it several times, just to make sure the results are always the same!
Other times, I tell them the possible consequences, and not to come crying to me about it when they get hurt. I will wash them up, bandage them, hold them, and remind them that I love them, but they may not whine about getting hurt. (Never with hold love and hugs... that destroys self esteem, and does not help them learn anything good. They will learn that they are not important enough to you, or perhaps that they are not good enough for you.)

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