22 April 2009

Natural Happiness/Nature Deficit Disorder

The New York Times had an interesting article about Nature Deficit Disorder the other day.
You can find the article HERE.

I have to admit I am still having trouble with this being real. Maybe it is because I am strong in the Naturalistic Intelligence, I have a natural tendency to want to get outside and explore! I have never thought before about how to do it. But I thought that I would try to share a few ideas of what we do.

First idea: Take a walk. 
The kids and I love to go for walks. When they were younger, I used a stroller for the youngest. As they have gotten older, they have ridden tricycles or scooters. Whether it is on wheels or feet, we just head out the door. It doesn't matter how fast you go. Some days, we stop every two feet to look at something. At every corner, we take turns choosing which way to go. We stop to chase butterflies or crickets. We stop to look at the flowers, or someone's decorations. We often have people come out of their houses wondering why we are standing in front of their house... we simply introduce ourselves, and tell them what we are admiring. We have met some lovely people that way. And some of them we go back to visit quite often!

Need More Ideas? Try These!

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