23 April 2009

Nature Deficit Disorder - Is It Just For Kids?

I think as adults we sometimes forget that all of the things we worry about for our kids, are things that we should worry about for ourselves too. I would have thought that someone would have pointed out Nature deficit Disorder in adults first! As an adult, especially a parent, our time seems to be filled with time spent at our jobs (inside), and cleaning our house (inside).

It seems that we grew up and forgot about being outside. We should not stop growing when we become adults. Well, in physical size it is perhaps better to stop growing... no good comes from carrying around the extra pounds we all seem to battle. But our minds should never stop growing, learning. So many adults have forgot how to be happy, and just laugh at life. I wonder how much of that is because we have forgotten how to go outside and be in nature.

Life is so important. If all we surround ourselves with is non life, how are we supposed to have life ourselves. It sounds so silly and yet so simple. We are all energy, we are all connected. Go connect with something else living for a while. Hug a child, pet a cat, feel a plant leaf. And then go find some grass to walk through barefoot, some sand to tip-toe through, some water to splash through, and go feel the sun on your skin. Laughter is inevitable.

Life is good!


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