29 April 2009

Opinions Needed! New Packaging for JumpStart

JumpStart wants your opinion! JumpStart is looking at putting together a new product idea, and wants us moms and dads, grandparents, aunt and uncles, etc, to take a look and give them our two cents! Go see the new packaging and read up about it here!
You will need a password to get in, so use 'FRANKIE'.
JumpStart.com Frankie
I absolutely love this idea of a USB flash drive based learning game. Imagine, being able to put the game in your pocket, or purse! Yes, I know, it just might get lost in there until you dump it out and declutter again! How about putting the drive in one of those little pockets of your kids' backpack, and then they have can take their favorite game to the babysitter's house, or to their grandparents' house!

Maybe JumpStart will design the USB flash drives with an end that accepts a lanyard so that the drive can be clipped to a zipper, or keychain! Then you could clip it onto the zipper of the backpack, and it wouldn't fall out when the kids dump their backpack on the floor. Now that would be cool!

A USB Flash Drive would take up so much less room! A flash drive can fit into the tiniest of places! Instead of those bulky CD holders taking up all that room, you could have a small bowl, an extra pencil holder, or maybe just a drawer that you dedicate to flash drives! Some days that how I feel about SD cards and mini SD cards. Just find me a bowl to dump them in, and I'll sort through it when I need one!

You could have a cup or a can of your kid's favorite games on their desk. (I'm thinking a recycling art project!) Or maybe keep a can of games for special rewards! LOL Yes, I use fun learning games as rewards! The kids think they are getting something super special, and they are still learning! I love creating those situations!

OOOHHh what about hanging them from a chain?... You know like you can clip stuffed animals to a chain. Hmmm I can just see my artistic children getting creative and using them as decorations strung across the dresser front, etc!

Hmmm... I wonder if I am opening up a whole new can of worms?!

Okay, I know they are only looking at one per grade level... I just see this idea as spreading like wildfire! USB flash drive games...What a fantastic concept!

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