21 April 2009

Will Books Become Shadows Of The Past?

The Wall Street Journal had an excellent article on what the future of books may be. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123980920727621353.html
A lot to think about.

If you look down the path a little further, it starts to remind me of some of the sci-fi shows I have seen over the years where hard copies of books are left by the way side to collect dust, or burned, or banned.

In most of the shows the individuals have lost the knowledge they once had, and suffer for it. I wonder if we will be smart enough to avoid that fate, or will I be the die hard librarian, loaning out hard copies of books in the shadows of a dark, back alley someplace. 

Ah, the intimacy of books. How I love the way they smell, the feel of the paper pages... the way they transport me into another world. My computer may be my constant companion, but books hold my heart.

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