26 May 2009

Catching Up

I'm back... but in other places. I have been busy getting other things organized, both online and here at home. We are looking forward to a move, but I don't know exactly when or where as of yet. Just in the pre planning and desire stage at the moment... especially since the electric is dying in our rental one room at a time, and the landlord hasn't "gotten around to it" yet.

Since I haven't been here, I thought I would let you know where I have been!
Children's Craft Ideas has been finally getting some attention. I am happy to say that I have a fantastic new craft posted to it, and several more lined up to come out this week and next. Go check out this Easy Sand Art Project now! You can look forward to such projects as making your own sidewalk chalk and water color paints, as well as tips for teaching your youngster how to use scissors.
I also finally took the plunge into HubPages. I've only got two hubs up so far, but it hasn't even been 24 hours! Give me a break! LOL Check out my profile page, where you can see any hubs I have published. Currently you will find Colorful Pasta Jewelry - Fun and Easy Craft For Any Age and 7 Tips To Beat A Bad Mood prominently displayed there.

I had planned on getting up a new EFT tapping script, but with the news about the change in how you are able to say EFT, I have been processing and avoiding. I learned EFT through the dvds at Gary Craig's site, but I did adjust it to fit my style, and what works for me and the people I am helping. So when I say EFT hence forth I intend it to mean my style of EFT as was inspired by and learned from Gary Craig. I will also most commonly simply refer to EFT as "tapping". Having said such, I will try to get the new tapping script from last week typed up and posted this week. But I am not going to promise where I will post it at! I am really liking HubPages.

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jimdharma said...

I like how simple and practical your blogs are. There is a place for inspiring stories and inspiring mystical practices--meditation, of course-- and inspiring concepts. But your posts about how certain simple activities, simple foods, and simple mood-boosters are like a quick and easy injection of happiness that we can apply to our lives immediately. Keep up the good work and if I could make a request, a blog on meditation techniques would be greatly appreciated. Thanks as always for posting.