07 May 2009

When Is It Too Hot to Be on The Computer?

Is there an actual temperature when it is literally too hot to sit and work at the computer? Sitting at the computer is a fairly inactive thing to do. And if you have a small fan pointed at you, the air movement makes it possible to sit there even at higher temperatures, right? 

I know this is just a heat wave that will be through in a few days, but these will be normal temperatures within a month and a half. While so many of you are being grateful for spring finally having come, and are enjoying the heat waves that brings the temperatures into the upper 70s, it seems strange to hear me complaining about the heat! It seems strange to me too. It is hard for me to keep straight that we are just into May, and have not even gotten to summer yet.

It really is time to move. Another summer of this heat, and my brain might just be fried permanently. I don't know how people can be happy living around here!

And so back to my original question... I think 100 degrees in the house with the air conditioner running full blast in the room is too hot to be working on the computer.

Let me know if you agree or disagree! How hot does it have to be for you to give up the computer?

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