02 June 2009

Bugs, Kids, and Energy!

A busy weekend has crept over it's limit, and invaded my week.
It was an eventful time dedicated to family and, of course, my kids.

We had a glorious time with a new pc game that we bought, Plants vs. Zombies. It is the perfect blending of defending us from the "bad guys" that my oldest son is still stuck in, and using nature to defend us that my other children love! It has adorable plant characters, and the funniest looking zombies you have ever seen. Nothing to be scared of here, even my six year old loves the game! I just love to watch my boys cooperate to solve problems...even when it is figuring out how to defeat a computer game!
Impromptu Science Class!
Of course if you want to feel just a bit of fear coming up from deep in the DNA of your bones, then the "show" that we witnessed would be just for you! My six year old came up from the back of the house at one point to gather everyone to come see something that he had discovered. We walked with him, and watched him climb up on a stool and point to the ceiling. A very enterprising spider had taken the liberty of building a web around the hallway light bulb. At first I was annoyed that I had more webs to take down, but then he pointed out that the spider had caught a moth in its web, and was busy wrapping it in a cocoon. As we watched, it went from something that we could identify as a moth to a cylindrical lump. The most horrifying part was watching as the carnivorous spider sucked the blood, and whatever other fluids, from the body of the hopefully dead moth.
Now most people may not feel much of a reaction to watching this process, and are able to experience it with a simple curiosity of the process. And, for this experience, I count those people as lucky. Having children that are sensitive to the currents of the energy that make up ourselves and the world around us can sometimes be a trying experience, as everyday occurrences can be felt as the harrowing experiences they are truly are. I count myself lucky to be able to see and feel so much of what they do, and have learned so much from them. Again I am thankful that I homeschool.
I don't want to leave you on such a dark note. The natural processes of insects is that they are designed to be the clean up crew for the Earth. They serve the necessary role of breaking down that which is already decaying, rotting, or dead. Imagine what a garbage dump the Earth would be without their help! But as such, their job is one of destruction, and it is hard to be so sensitive to it and be so close to it.
As for sensing the energies, the joys of seeing and experiencing the energy of growth and love is fabulous. That is why I balance our lives with pets and plants! If you have a pet that you love, you will understand just what I mean, whether you can feel or see energy or not. It is the love from hugging your child, curling up with your cat, or tending your garden. It is the warmth you feel from the sun on a pleasant spring day. A smile in your soul...

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