07 June 2009

JumpStart is Coming Out for Wii!

The kids and I are so excited about JumpStart coming out with a Wii game! The Wii is fairly new in our house anyways, but the idea of a JumpStart game coming out for it has all of us hopping around!

It seems that JumpStart has been a part of our house forever... okay, it has only been about 10 years. I remember my now teenage daughter playing the old 3rd grade CD-Rom on the computer years ago. It was a fun treat for her when I was busy being miserable during pregnancy. It was very self led, although at the time I felt bad about passing her off to the computer! The robot has never been forgotten...just his name.

Along the way, we picked up other JumpStart titles. I remember the JumpStart Animal Adventures coming into our house about four years ago and being among our favorites. The bats "Echolocation" song still gets sung around our house to this day. My youngest absolutely loves it.

When the boys had hit a plateau with the self directed "learn to read" materials in the house, I went in search of more. I turned to JumpStart as a trusted friend full of educational entertainment for the boys. I picked up JumpStart World Kindergarten and JumpStart Phonics for them. Then, there is JumpStart.com ...

Of course, this is where the adventure of computer mishaps started. I will save that part of the story for another time.

Suffice to say that we are currently waiting with bated breath for the new JumpStart Wii game to be released.

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