08 June 2009

JumpStart Storyland 'Pet Rescue' for Wii

I just found some screen shots of the new JumpStart Wii game! The boys and I can't wait to play the game. The idea of being able to put JumpStart on the Wii so that we can all share it together is exactly the kind of thing we look for. When any of us are playing games, looking at pictures, or watching videos on the computer, we just all end up huddled together, pushing for elbow room, to see the screen. We are just very family oriented, and love to spend time together. Sometimes I think that homeschooling is a big reason why we are this way. And as my daughter is a teenager now, I am so glad to say that we are good friends, and are able to talk about everything together.

But, back to the Jumpstart Wii game. We actually did try going to JumpStart.com from within the Wii internet channel. Alas, it would not work. I think it said something about needing to download a plug-in for the browser, which I don't believe you can do on the Wii. If it can be done, we have not figured out how. But our luck is changing!

From what I have heard, JumpStart.com's Storyland is jumping off the internet and into a Wii game disc! The new game will be titled, 'Pet Rescue'. I will share more as I hear it, so stayed tuned! Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek!

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