30 June 2009

Moving Boxes, Video Games, and Learning to Write

Learning can happen at any time and in any place, if you are open to it. This is what Life Learning is all about. All homeschoolers, and I dare say all parents, can tell you that learning does not happen in neat little packages at the prescribed time of day or on a certain date. Unschoolers and Life Learners specifically follow that thought. We use teachable moments, rather than lesson times, to encourage our children to pursue learning.

Are you wondering how 'moving boxes, video games, and learning to write' could possibly go together?
As we pack up our belongings for our upcoming move, the boys were inspired to put pen magnet to Magna Doodle and start copying words. They walked around looking at the boxes I was labeling sounding out some words and asking about others. They would find a word they liked, and sit down to copy the letters. I took a few seconds to appreciate the milestone. It is always a fantastic feeling to be able to see the learning happen. Here I was watching them take the next step on their life long journey of the written word.

Later that night, I carried the packed boxes to the front room for storage until the load them in the truck. As I walked out from the last load, I watch from a distance as Little A runs to the movie rack and pulls out a handful of Wii games. He carries the games off saying something to J-Man that I couldn't hear. As I walk into the room I hear Little A as J-Man which game he wanted, and then watched as he handed it to him. Giving them their space, I watch from across the room as the start copying the names of the Wii games onto their Magna Doodles, and then showing each other their accomplishments. Another accomplishment of reading and writing found in the most unusual learning environment.

I don't know how any other parent handles it, but I certainly had trouble that night bringing myself to tell them to put away their toys because it was bed time!

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