15 July 2009

Are We Sanitizing Too Far?

This article about the problems with the food "safety" bill and how it impacts the local farmer makes you really start to think. Have we taken the sanitation of the farm field too far? I think we will if anything like this bill passes. 

I was so moved that I started humming the tune to 'Home On The Range' and thinking that the image of "where the deer and the antelope play" was so contradictory of the article. As I hummed, new words came into my mind. I wrote them down with the thoughts of sharing them with you.

Home On the Farm
(sung to the tune of 'Home On The Range')

Oh give me a farm, where germs come and go,
and children play in the fields.
Where animals roam, not tied to a post,
and the rain makes musical tones.

Home, home on the farm.
Where animals roam through green fields.
Where children can play, people laugh all the day,
and bugs buzz through happily.

copyright 2009 Cate Peterson

I hope you enjoyed it! 

If you need some Karaoke Music for it, try this:

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