02 July 2009

Boys, Legos, and Wii Games

I decided to try out GameFly.com after getting our Wii game system. I love the idea that we can thoroughly try out the games for as long as we would like... If we really like it, we can even keep it and pay the purchase price which is up to 50% off full retail! And they send out the case, instruction manual, and any other equipment that comes with the game originally!
Well, we recently got LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga in the mail from them. The boys are having a blast playing it. They love to work together to solve the puzzles, and they love being able to have one of them drop out so the other can get them both through a tough spot. They both excel at different tough spots, so they get the chance to help each other.
I was surprised by how many different mini games they discovered in the Cantina. They even found one that looks like a mini LEGO town. The take turns driving the different LEGO vehicles in it, and collecting the gems and coins on the roads.
Of course, they are brothers. And like all brothers, and all little boys, every so often they just like to beat the tarnation out of each other... and watching the LEGOs explode over the screen is just the coolest thing that leaves them laughing hysterically. It's so much better than black eyes, and hurt feelings!

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