07 July 2009

I am Clear On My Goals

I do not cling to less important priorities.

Because I am clear on my goals, I do not cling to less important priorities. I recognize that, like everyone else, I have limited time, energy and resources. I let go of the idea that somehow I should be able to do everything.

I keep my focus on my objective, and distribute my time based on three priorities: family, rest and rejuvenation, and my goals.

My family comes first in my life, and I set aside time to nurture them and my relationships with them.

My relaxation activities are also important. While they may not seem that essential to others, I know that my level of productivity depends largely on my own opportunities for rest and creative expression, so I make those a priority as well.

With the rest of my time, I choose to engage in activities that help me reach my personal and professional goals and let go of everything else.

Whether it's a conference through work or a bowling night with friends, I filter each possible activity and expenditure through my priorities and make my decisions accordingly.

I am clear with others about my priorities and availability. I let go of all guilt when I choose to decline an activity because I am confident that I have the big picture in mind and I am making a positive choice for the long run.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I clear in my own mind about my goals and priorities?
2. Do others understand my goals?
3. Do I need to give up an activity that has been draining my time for no reason?

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