21 July 2009

I Create Myself in the Image of My Thoughts.

I am who I believe myself to be. I create myself in the image of my thoughts.

I am raising the bar on self-education, self-talk, and self-development.

My inner motivation is leading me to self-improvement on a whole new level. I actively seek out new sources of inspiration and positivity. I devote time each day to learning new ways to ignite my passions and propel me toward success.

I find that the Internet is a literal cornucopia of resources that allow me to improve myself with every possible medium - and it is available to me right in my own home!

The inspirational audios, videos, eBooks, reports, published interviews with experts, seminars, affirmations, and even inspirational desktop wallpapers provide me with self-education, self-talk, and self-development at the click of a mouse.

I can find anything I want to learn about, taught by some of the best experts on the planet!

My self-talk is filled with an abundance of positive statements for every situation. Negative thoughts and attitudes get dispelled the moment they try to show their ugly head!

Self-development is a priority in my schedule. I am sure to reserve some time each day to learn new skills, develop new talents, and discover new challenges to expand my limits.

I strengthen my skills in stress reduction and joyful living. I find new ways to enable fulfillment. I keep up with the latest health news and I practice everything I learn. My self-improvement time is time well spent.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When was the last time I did research simply to learn something for myself?
2. Do I use affirmations on a regular basis to erase my negativity and self-doubt?
3. Have I included time in my schedule for self-development?

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