23 July 2009

JumpStart.com Multi-player is Up and Running!

More great happenings from JumpStart! They just got the new multi-player feature of their website running! In this new cool adventure world, kids can meet up in small sized "chat rooms" that will hold like 15 people. No need to worry about reading, typing, or what's being said though! Your kids will be communicating with emoticons and dancing! Sounds like a good time!
Check it out for yourself at www.JumpStart.com
**Don't shoot me if my facts are slightly off. I'm waiting on a call back to verify. I will post any corrections when I hear from the great people at JumpStart!

******Here's the corrections! Meet ups happen in the main area, not separate rooms, but there will only be about 20 kids together at a time. Here's a picture thanks to @JumpStart_Cheri
Head over and check it out!

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