31 July 2009

Letting Go of Mistakes

Even though mistakes are not bad things, we still have a tendency to hold onto them, and obsess about them. That is self defeating behavior, and will only hold you back. Learn to let go of these trials as if they were a breath of air, and only keep with you the lesson you have learned.

I can let go of the mistakes of my past.

My past mistakes are just that - part of my past. I live in the present because I cannot change the past and know not what the future holds. I make the most of every moment in the here and now.

Just as all past experiences are part of what I am today, my mistakes have helped me grow and develop my inner strength. I appreciate them for what they have brought to me.

I refuse to fret over my past mistakes. Worrying about something I cannot change brings me unnecessary stress and causes me to waste my time and energy. I choose, instead, to devote my focus on what I can do right now to improve my life.

If I am dealing with unpleasant consequences of a past mistake, rather than bemoaning the mistake, I seek solutions to my challenges.

Mistakes are like blocks in the road or boulders on my path. They may seem immense, but I can go around them and continue on my journey. I leave them behind without another thought. I would never think of picking them up and carrying them with me!

In the same way, I leave my mistakes behind me and continue in my journey. I do what I need to do to get past them and then move on.

Today, I choose to live in the moment without worrying about my past mistakes. As I do, I feel the joy that can come with the ultimate focus on the present.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. After I make a mistake, how much time do I spend wishing it had not happened?
2. How have I been made better by a challenge?
3. Do I carry my mistakes with me as baggage?

1 comment:

Susan Denham said...

I can totally relate. This is what I've been trying to convince my husband of for going on 7 years!

See? When I screw up, I learn something that I didn't know before. However, if I don't do something just because I don't know how, I'll never learn how NOT to do it!

Makes sense to me.