01 July 2009

My Favorite Benefit of Homeschooling

I've been thinking lately about why I homeschool. Don't get me wrong, I love homeschooling my kids. Lately my situation has become such that I may need to work outside of the house. Although I am attempting to make money online, I am not making what I need yet and may need to look to outside sources. I would rather stay home with my kids... but I wasn't sure how strong that motivation is. To find out I started asking myself all the hard questions, and really thinking about the answers.
I started questioning why I homeschool, and why I stay home with my kids. In this soul searching excercise, I discovered my favorite benefit of homeschooling.

The closeness of my family. I love how close my kids and I are, that we can always spend time together and love doing just that. I love how close my kids are with each other. That is something that they will always have. I love watching my boys cooperate with each other to solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks. Being two and a half years apart, they are at that edge where putting them into public school would mean that they would be in different classes, have different friends, and might not have time for each other. Worse yet, I have seen so many families were the kids don't want to spend time with their younger siblings because it is not "cool".... I feel sorry for them.

My boys compliment each others learning too. They have very different styles that allow them to move ahead at different paces, and help the other one catch up. It is so cool to watch when this happens. It is the same idea as the one room school house, or the student tutor, except it is right in my house with my kids. And this wouldn't be possible if they weren't so close to each other....

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Renae said...

I agree! Homeschooling is definitely about family. We have the opportunity to work out all those difficulties together, and isn't life all about relationships? What better place to practice the kind of love that will carry us through life than in the family.