20 July 2009

We Are What We Believe

You are what you BELIEVE you are. Sometimes it is easiest to change your beliefs by affirming what you want to believe. How often you choose to use these affirmations, or how long you continue to affirm them, or what other methods you use with them, is up to you. For each person this is an individual experience, and while it is fantastic to share it with a partner, your techniques will not always be the same. My favorite way to do affirmations is to employ tapping on energy meridians while saying affirmations. I believe that this helps to correct your energy system around those thoughts to not only let go of the old beliefs, but also to reinforce the new desired beliefs.

I was going through an old notebook, and came across some notes I thought I would share. These are some affirmations I had written several months ago. And as I read back through them, I realize how much my beliefs around them have changed for the better. 
Perhaps these thoughts will help you on a path to better your life.

I AM liked by everyone. 
People enjoy being around me. 
I always attract the best resources to me in a timely manner. 
My life is full of synchronicity. 
People want to help me everywhere I go.

I find it easy to trust in the universe. 
It is easy to express my gratitude. 
Abundance flows into every area of my life. 

I find it simple to express myself and be understood.

If you are interested in learning more about tapping with EFT, I highly recommend Carol Look's materials for her fun and intuitive style. 

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