19 August 2009

Here, Gone, And Back Again...

Some days are just not worth mentioning, and other days are so wonderful they leave you at a loss for words..
My last couple of weeks have been like that. I thought the worst was over, but it just left an opening for my heart to come back through and see what it had been denying. I must have been blind to the elephant in the room to not have seen how worried I was about my mother. I am thrilled to say that it seems the worst of it is over, and she is on the path to recovery now.
This leads me to days that are so wonderful they leave you at a loss for words.. my last couple of days have been like that. To find out how many caring people are out there. There were so many that offered support to me and my mother; I am touched by the outpouring. I am both humbled and elated by this experience. I have seen some true hearts that inspire me to be better than I am. Thank you.
Then there are a few closer friends who were there to support me through all the tears and horrible lashing out I did.. it was not a pretty picture..thank you, you deserve so much better. Thank you for staying with me through it all and seeing me to the end of the pain.. I am so glad you were there and so glad you stayed...

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