06 August 2009

Identifying PVC - Hold the Poison Please

Taken from CHEJ Back To School Guide:
The key to avoiding PVC products is recognizing them and knowing how to find safer alternatives.
  • PVC products are often labeled with the words “vinyl” on the packaging, such as vinyl 3-ring binders
  • PVC packaging can be identified by looking for the number “3” inside, or the letters “V” or “PVC” underneath, the universal recycling symbol, indicating the product is made out of PVC. Just remember – bad news comes in #3’s, don’t buy PVC
  • Some products are not properly labeled, making it tough to determine whether they contain PVC. If you’re uncertain, e-mail or call the 1-800 number of the manufacturer or retailer and ask what type of plastic their product is made of. You have a right to know.
Three easy tips to spot the poisonous plastic! Specific Tips for school supplies next!

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