24 August 2009

Inner Strength - Where Does It Come From?

Inner strength.. it is that drive that keeps us moving forward through any adversity. Where does it come from? I mean where did we originally learn it?

I have heard quite a bit recently from others that I am a strong person, yet I see myself as so weak. As this is an occurrence which repeats itself on a regular basis, I hope you will indulge me as I explore my thoughts on the idea of inner strength, what it is, and where we learn it...
Life happens, problems occur.. when that happens we simply face it and keep going, right? This is what others say they see in me, the reason they see me as so strong, because I pick up the pieces and keep going. Is it really that hard to do? Is that really what inner strength is? 
If that is what inner strength is, where do we learn it from? Is it something that we are taught, get from experience, or are we born with it? Recent conversations have led me to the thought that if we are taught as children that we are always surrounded by people who we can turn to for help, that this builds up our inner strength. I may have had a difficult childhood, though not as difficult as others by any means, but I have always known that I have family, friends, and strangers in general even, who will be there to help me if I just ask.. if I just say that I need help. 
I was recently reminded of this as my car sat dead in my driveway, unable to start. I spent a week trying to figure out on my own what was wrong, trying to avoid asking for help.. and the car still sat dead in my driveway. I finally caved in (interesting choice of words!) and called a friend I thought might be able to help me. After turning the problem over to them, I felt such a sense of relief.. I knew I had finally done the right thing. A few days of research, and a half an hour with my car, and it runs again! And I waited for a week to call my friend why?!
Which was the inner strength.. me sitting on my own failing at figuring it out, or me calling a friend and turning the problem over to them? 
I would love to hear your thoughts.. please leave a comment.

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