06 August 2009

JumpStart 'Pet Rescue' Arrived at Our Door Today!

I love when the "big brown tuck" comes! The boys get so excited! When it came today, we were in the middle of a watching Disney's Igor, and I managed to get to the door with no one noticing! Amazing!

None the less, as soon as the movie was over, they just knew! They were crawling all over me looking for the package that had arrived! They just knew it must be for them. Could it have been because I asked if they remembered if JumpStart stuff came in the mail or by "big brown truck" just this morning?!

Well, we opened up the box, and Little A stuck his hands in to pull out.. a lovely note from JumpStart. Not what he was expecting! He digs back into the package to pull out.. a JumpStart mousepad! He was thrilled, and I was thinking, "Cool! Bonus!" Little A hugs the mousepad and starts walking away.. yeah that's my little Huggy Buggy.. too cute, huh? I called him back to ask him to look into the box again. This time he looked into the box and saw the Wii game. He pulled it out and triumphantly held it up in the air to show everyone! 

"Mom, do we get to keep it?" I love when I get to say yes to that question.. I love the look on his face that the answer brings. "Mom, on the game, do we get to keep our pets? When we go from place to place, from level to level?" "I don't know sweetie. You'll have to play the game and tell me, so I can tell everyone else. Deal?" "Deal!"

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