25 August 2009

Learning To Let Go

So many times in order to move on with our lives, we need to learn to let go of what is past. This can be an emotional process that is often fraught with pain. So many times we have locked things deep inside and are afraid to bring them back up. Other times we have memories of things that are gone, and we don't want to lose those so we cling tightly. Holding on to all of these old memories, and often physical possessions to match, can be quite detrimental to our emotional health. Did you know it can also effect your physical health?

Some of you may know that my mother has spent this year dealing with an extremely rare form of breast cancer. It has been a long year.. it started with, "I have these lumps.. any thoughts what they might be?" From there doctor's visits, and finding out it was breast cancer. Then we found out it was this rare form that was not so easily dealt with. Luckily my mother happens to currently reside in a town that is a prominent research facility for breast cancer.. little did they know when they moved there a few years back.. It is also a town of alternative medicine, and treatment that includes complementary medicine was developed for her. The spring and summer saw her go through chemotherapy, and this fall has seen a double mastectomy. And I am happy to say that the tests have come back showing no sign of cancer at this point.

It is interesting to learn of all the various modalities she has learned over the course of this year, so many that I was able to help her learn, and others that I learned from her.. She has gone through major changes to her diet, including removing allergens and adding in more raw produce. She has gone to regular energy therapy sessions, weekly acupuncture appointments, and read through a not so small library on health and cancer.

Of all the things she learned, she shared one thing that she thinks was the biggest cause of her cancer, and she cautioned me not to let it catch me unaware. It is probably not what you think. It is not genetic.. turns out that genetic only accounts for 10% of your chance of developing cancer. Food and chemical toxins are sure to have played a part in the development, cause, and exasperation of her cancer as with anyone else's. But the largest part of her cancer she says was emotional.. It was all of the memories that she held on to and wouldn't let go of.

She has become a different person as she has let go of so many memories that have caused her such pain over the years. She says it was actually fairly easy for her to learn to let go. Her choice was simple.. let the disease of cancer ravage her body and kill her, or let go of things so long over.

She says my choice may not be so easy.. after all, I still see plenty of life ahead of me. But I think that I will learn from her, and learn to let go of what is past. It may not be as simple of a task for me, but it will only be as hard as I make it. The pain is in the resistance. What about you? What are you hanging onto that is slowly choking the life out of your body.. are you willing to die for those memories.. or..

Can you learn to let go?

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Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing this! I needed this reminder as I have been dealing with stuff coming up from my past that I had buried but apparantly had not let go. I have had 2 PEER sessions and probably will have more as I get the money.

I need to let go, I hang on and stuff gets to me. I have some health issues too!

I'm so glad that your mom is in remission, what a blessing!