18 August 2009

Life Learning Identified! Breaking News!

It's funny.. when people ask me how to life learn, I give them a blank look. Thoughts go through my head like, "Well, how do YOU live life?" or "How do YOU learn?" These are obviously not great answers for anyone who is not familiar with the concept of letting kids follow their interests, or anyone who doesn't realize that kids can learn outside of text books and workbooks.

I have struggled to make sense of exactly how we life learn in an effort to help others understand what we do, and to help them to see the value in it, or the ease of doing so. I have tried to show what life learning does look like, but it is hard to express how much learning is actually taking place when you watch your kids drive their hot wheels across the back of the couch, or while they are shooting down aliens on the computer, or while they are drawing an abstract picture with crayons on the floor. I have learned to have faith in this. It was not an easy journey for me, nor was it a quick one.. but somewhere along the way I began to believe, and I am no longer consumed with what subject label we could put on an activity. We live life, learning happens..

I was on the phone today with a friend (who does not know that much about homeschooling), dealing with children between pieces of conversation like usual, when I hear through the phone, "Now I have heard you homeschool!" I have to admit a blank look crossed my face as I thought, "what on earth is he talking about?" "Ummm.. ooookaaayyy," I answered. Silence. I finally broke the silence. "What ARE you talking about?!" "That THING you did right there.. talking to Ber," he replied. I sat thinking for a moment reviewing in my mind what I had said, what had Ber and I just talked about? (Yeah, I admit it.. Talk. Move on. later.. I said WHAT?) Fortunately this time I recalled that we were discussing that we could drowned in the ocean, but would suffocate in the sand. Okay, odd conversation, but it really did fit into the moment! Feeling smug at having recalled the tidbit of conversation, I replied, "OOOOHH! That THING where Ber and I were talking about drowning and suffocation?" Quite happily, he exclaimed, "Yeah, yeah, that was you homeschooling!"

And so it was, there was a piece of my life learning day that had escaped over the phone to be heard by someone who hadn't understood before..

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Rawle Austin said...

Wow! This has really opened my eyes and inspired me.

Knowing that we can and should learn something everyday of our lives is a true blessing and not one we should take for granted.

I'm loving the positive vibe you have here and will check back regularly for more inspiration.

Thank you so much for the enlightenment!!