10 August 2009

The Pain is in Holding On

So often we think that when something ends, and we are feeling sadness or pain, that the pain is caused by the ending. What we fail to realize is that the pain is only present as long as we hold on. As long as we cling to the thoughts or feelings, and refuse to accept what has happened, we feel pain.

We have it within our abilities to release all of our suffering, all of our emotional pain.. and therefore lessen any physical pain also. It is as simple as accepting our situation, our circumstances, and letting go of our expectations of it being different. It is the expectations that we are attached to, and clinging to those is what causes us pain. 

Learning to let go is one of the most challenging things we may do in our lives. We have been taught to hang on, to have expectations, to plan for the future. Learning to stop thinking that way is very different from everything we know, and yet this is what is necessary to cease our suffering.

Good news is, we can change our minds. In any second, we can decide to make things different. Take each moment as it comes, and make a choice. And the next moment you are free to choose again, to choose differently. Learn to let go of your expectations by making that choice one moment at a time, and you will start to experience life from a different perspective.. one that is free of suffering.

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Abra Houchin said...

Thank you for reminding me that everything is transitory. Honoring the transition from something we value to something else in which the value may not yet be seen can be a difficult, even seemingly impossible, task. Yet, even while we struggle emotionally, our bodies let go naturally, constantly. Each breath we take comes full circle--breathe in, let go, breathe in, let go.