11 August 2009

Poetry: Immersion Into My Thoughts

I have learned through the years that the best way to get through the bad feelings is to actually take the time to feel them. Don't just feel them, immerse yourself in them, revel in them.. enjoy every nuance of every feeling, good or bad.

From such a place as this, the most wonderful creativity can flow. I share with you today some of the creativity birthed of my pain as I reveled in the totality of my feelings this past weekend. Go easy on me.. these are original drafts...
The Ending
A wave of sadness washes over me
It was not the ending I expected to see
I dreamed of forever and it never came
Instead love faded and feelings did tame
A life of unhappiness I could not abide
Better to let this love slip aside
But to let it go, after so long
Brings pain to my heart that feels so wrong
What will heal this heart in pain?
What could all this hope to gain?
When will it end, this sadness I feel?
When will the bane end, and let me heal?
Lost Love
Pain in this ending I did not expect to feel
Pain in this ending that is now real
I didn't know that you were hanging on
that you thought that we would meet anon
It was over between us so long ago
So many years we didn't let go
Now here we are, seeing it clear as day
Is this the price that love must pay?
To feel this pain from either side
To see the tears that now have dried
To know the hope you lost this day
To see that you had lost your way

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