17 September 2009

Pass The Plate

No, it probably isn't what you are thinking..

I was thinking about how much I am supposed to do in a day.. and I have had it pointed out to me time and again that I am always trying to do too much. There have been points in my life that this was by my own choice, and other points where it was by necessity. Right now, it is by necessity.

If you list out all the things you, yourself, are supposed to get done each day (or each week or each month), how long of a list is that? Is it really something that is reasonable for anyone to accomplish? 
Now think about that one seriously moms.. I know all of us moms believe that we SHOULD BE ABLE TO HANDLE IT.. as if we were some sort of superhero or something... 
We are moms, so we have children to look after, a house to look after.. wife, girlfriend, significant other.. so we have a relationship and our other half to look after (doesn't matter if they should be able to take care of themselves, we always look after them!).. daughter and grand daughter.. sometimes it is easy to keep up those relationships, other times it takes a lot of energy from us.. some of us are sisters.. more relationships to look after.. 
How many other groups do you belong to that you have responsibilities to.. church, book club, scouts.. How many of us have a job we are responsible to, whether it is out of the house or something we handle from at home? 

Have you noticed?.. I haven't even mentioned the responsibilities we have to ourselves.. how often do we forget to take care of ourselves?.. How often do we put it off because we need to get something else done?

Go ahead, make your list.. and this isn't just a mom only exercise.. I encourage you to do this whether you are a mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, wife, husband, son, or daughter.. make a list of everything you are responsible for. Now congratulate yourself for all that you do.. it really is a lot. 

For those of us that look at our list and realize that it is not humanly possible to achieve all of that, especially to the standard of quality we expect.. maybe it is time we learned a new lesson. Maybe it is time to let someone else take over some of those things on our plates.. maybe we need to learn how to let go.. 
maybe we need to learn how to pass the plate..

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thebeadgirl said...

this is great! and exactly what i needed to hear!

so nice to "meet" you last night in chat. hope to get to know you better.

lisa aka thebeadgirl