14 September 2009

Where'd you go?!

The computer is finally working again! Remind me to organize getting sick and the computer breaking down better next time! This has been too long and I have been going nuts without being able to do my regular stuff.. like posting here!

I will try to catch up on things over the next week, and let you know what has been going on over here at our house.. but for now, here's a few pages I have out there in other places on the internet that just might be worth looking at, or seeing again!

Have you seen...?
A New Way to Look at Home Schooling!
7 Tips To Beat A Bad Mood
Green Smoothie Recipes
Childrens Computer Games - Reviews & Find Them Cheap
Being Gluten Free
Fat. The Myths, The Truth, and Why It Is Good
Allergic To Everything

All right, I'll let you explore the rest on your own!
My HubPages Profile
My Squidoo Profile

I'll be back soon!

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