31 October 2009

The Little Box from JumpStart

If you returned after reading yesterday's post, then you know that I left you all hanging on what the contents of the third box from Knowledge Adventure are. For those who don't know, Knowledge Adventure produces wonderful children's computer learning games through the name Jump Start. We've had their CD-Roms around for over a decade now.. the kids have always loved them.

A couple of months ago they came out with their very first ever title for Wii.. "Pet Rescue" for ages 3-6. Knowledge Adventure provided us with a copy, and we got a chance to review it. The kids loved the idea of it, but it was a little basic for them.. after all, they are 6 and 9.  Although there are spaces for different family members to have their own characters, the boys were disappointed that they could not play together. Little A really liked being able to take care of his pet and exploring the game. They both got the hang of using the Wii remotes with the game very quickly.

Over all, the boys decided that they would recommend Jump Start "Pet Rescue" for Wii for younger children.. "It would be fantastic for them!"

We had been asked to review the second Wii title that is due to be released November 17th. This title is designed for 5-9 year olds. Sounds more in our age range.. OF COURSE I SAID YES! We hadn't been expecting it to come so soon.. but there it was, the third box. When we opened it we were greeted by Frankie flying high above punk punks with the enticing words, "Escape From Adventure Island".. a cover I remember voting on a while back on their blog. I have to say it.. I love the case. It is very child friendly and enticing, and lists the skills us parents look for neatly in a corner of the back.

This time the boys very quickly cleaned up what they had been doing. Next thing I know, Little A is in front of me holding the case and jumping up and down. "Can I play it now Mom?! PLEASE!!!!"

Thanks to @growlersworld for providing the video!
Thanks to Knowledge Adventure for providing the copy of "Escape From Adventure Island"

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