29 October 2009

Modeling Instead of Teaching

This all started because of a tweet.. "The best thing you can teach your children is to have a love for learning."

Not a bad thought, until it was rightly pointed out that all children are born with a love for learning. I know that.. I teach that to others!
Okay, so I reworded it to better reflect what I meant. "The best thing you can model for your child is YOUR love of learning." That's better. Since when has anyone ever forced MEANINGFUL learning on another? And teaching to a non receptive crowd qualifies as forced learning in my book... 

What I mean is this.. if you give a child the tools to learn, if you teach them how to use those tools, if you allow them to follow their passions, AND if you let them SEE YOU LEARNING (or model your love for learning), they will succeed in life. They will succeed at anything their heart desires because they will know how to.

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