30 October 2009

A Monday full of boxes..

Monday was a huge day for us! We had been expecting a small delivery from "the big, brown truck" with a new video card to replace the one I fried this summer. I thought the boys would be excited about that.. it was their computer after all. But in the interim, a new computer entered the house for @Cam_Anju and the boys got her old one. Result.. great mom, I'm going to play on the computer... Newer, faster technology didn't even spark their interest.. hmmm.

Back to the story.. instead of one box, we got three. Three? Hmmm.. the second one we were expecting later that week.. but a third box?! 

The second box contained a birthday present from my boyfriend. I knew what it was.. I ordered it. But there it was, nine days early, sitting on the living room floor.. begging to be opened. I finally opened it that evening.. a brand new laptop with Windows 7 on it. It is my first laptop.. and after a few days, I am wondering if I need my desktop anymore.. hmmm. I am also happy to say that so far I am loving Windows 7.. might just upgrade the entire house to it in time with that nifty family bundle upgrade price Microsoft is offering.. hmmm.

The third box? Oh yeah.. that one.. the return label showed Knowledge Adventure.. come back tomorrow to find out what was inside..

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