14 November 2009

Happy National Clean Out Your Fridge Day!

Happy what?!! Yup.. I found this obscure holiday listing over at about.com looking into what excitement November held other than birthdays and Thanksgiving. I thought it would spark some interest in things outside of ourselves. It seems that we have been focused inward for a bit of time, and I think it is time to open back up again... It turns out that today, November 14, 2009, is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day.

What does that mean for you? Hmm.. well, we could assume that it is an ideal day to clean out your fridge. Does that mean that this is the only suitable day for cleaning out one's fridge each year? Oh my.. please don't think that! You should clean out your fridge at least once each month, and of course clean up spills as they happen. Personally, I clean out my fridge when I am making my grocery list each 7-14 days. This way I know exactly what is fresh, or has gone bad and needs to be replaced. In addition, it creates the ideal empty and clean space to bring my food home to.

Other events sharing today with your fridge include Prince Charles' birthday. I sure hope he doesn't mind sharing his birthday with my fridge.. 

Happy 61st birthday Prince Charles!


Molytail said...

You mean you're supposed to clean that thing out? I thought the leftovers would just... go away.... eventually.... :-P j/k

I remember seeing a website once that listed the 'holidays' for every day of the year... there were several for each day, many from other countries... if I can find it again, I'll give you the link. :-)

Sparkle Chi said...

I used to hope for the same thing.. it would be so much simpler, and with hungry kids in the house, you would think that food would disappear on its own...

Holidays for every day of the year?.. I've heard something like that before.. that would be cool!

Molytail said...

I googled around and kept seeing similar types of sites, but not the one that I was remembering - and then aha! I couldn't remember the name, but I knew it when I saw it. :-)