01 November 2009

The Kittens Are Here

Miss Nora, our momma kitty, had her kittens on October 15th. It was a fantastic experience for the boys to watch over Nora all day as she went through labor and gave birth to one kitten at a time. @Cam_Anju has seen it all before, several times in her life, but the boys were finally old enough to be fascinated by the experience.

By the end of the day, Nora gave birth to a total of five kittens. We have learned over the years that some just don't make it. We lost two over the first two days. As said as it was, we took the opportunity to really see the kittens up close, and talk a bit about death.

After 17 days of life, the three remaining kittens are quite strong and healthy. Their eyes have just opened fully as of Thursday, and they are starting to push themselves up on their wobbly little legs and look like cats. They are only beginning to pull themselves around the box, but I'm sure it will be no time at all until we are seeing them running around all over. It is really cute to see Little A hold a kitten on his shoulder, like he is burping a baby, and watch it climb up and settle comfortably there.

The three kittens are each individuals, from the way they look to how they act, just like every baby on Earth. One of them is a solid dark chocolate brown in color, and pees every time we pick it up.. jokes are flying about what we should temporarily name this kitten! The next one is black with white markings.. it looks like a black mask was pulled over it's white face. This made us think of Zorro and earned the kitten the temporary name of El Gato. El Gato is very quiet and calm. The last one is our favorite.. it is almost completely white with gray tips to it's ears and it's nose. This one is quite loud when it is picked up, and the most active in the box. We have given it the temporary name of Bunny.

Did I mention?.. One thing they have in common is that none of them have tails.. Daddy must have been at least part Manx. Muffin is adjusting well to her new siblings, and has decided to be their second mother now. Every time one of them cries, she comes running and stays with them until they are put back in their box and Nora is with them.

I love kittens.. I think we may end up keeping the white one, but it is never too early to start looking for good homes for the other two to go to when they are old enough..

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Molytail said...

Awwww!!! Sooooo cute. :-)

Ha, I'd be a 'taker' if there wasn't this whole thousands of miles and totally different country thing going on here :-P