13 November 2009

Moving and Christmas in Chicago

It's official! We are moving out of this non insulated, leaky, drafty sardine can we have been calling home for the last couple of years. We found a cute place with lovely covered porches to sit out on, a large yard to run around in, and working electricity for a price that fits in our budget. Yeah! The neighbors have kids and horses. And the weather is ten to fifteen degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler year round even though it is only about an hour from where we are now. We hear there are even a few nights that see snow over the winter, although it is gone by mid day again. We also have a fantastic lady that we will be renting from that used to work in homeopathic medicine, and does energy work. We finally found someone in the area who knows about all the strange things we do!

We have just over a week now to pack everything up.. ummmm.. I'm keeping busy!

In between boxes, we are planning our trip to Chicago for Christmas. The kids and I are so excited to be able to spend Christmas with family this year. It has been over six years since we have seen my mother and grandmother, and the idea of family dinner, Santa, snow and city lights has our hearts beating faster with excitement! I'm planning to take the kids to see the Shedd Aquarium and Brookfield Zoo while we are there.. and Ber will be celebrating her 17th birthday there as well. It is shaping up to be a fantastic trip! And just to make it even better, Rawle is joining us in Chicago. My family is so excited to meet him.

There's more.. but I'll save some for later. So much to do, so much to do..


Molytail said...

Yay for moving to a place where people don't melt in the summer! :-P

(I seriously could not deal with the hot temps you guys have.)

For a moment I was confused and thought you were moving to Chicago! Ha, now THAT would have brought some very different weather :-P

Good luck with the packing & moving ~ we've done that a fair few times ourselves, so I know how chaotic it can get!

Sparkle Chi said...

Thanks for the well wishes! When we moved from Chicago to Phoenix, AZ almost seven years ago, that was a HUGE change in weather. I grew up in the Chicago area, but I have fallen in love with the weather around this area. I love having sunlight ALL the time! :)