03 November 2009

A Wagon, Cats, and a Skunk.. Oh My!

Several years ago, I had found the perfect wagon for the kids.. not your traditional Radio Flyer type wagon, mind you, but an actual heavy duty, run around and use it wagon. A few years back, it was stolen. We were heart broken at the time, but did not replace it for various reasons. As the kids have grown older, I keep thinking back to that wagon and how much fun we had with it. I even went searching for it, just to price it.. and then put it on the wish list of things we will have someday.

Well someday came yesterday. The kids have been wishing that we had a wagon lately, and with our move coming up, and the thought of carrying all those boxes, I was wishing we had THAT wagon. I found it at the local Home Depot, and we went and picked it up just as they were closing. Rawle and the kids had a fantastic time racing through the parking lot at high speed pulling each other around. We must have spent close to an hour in the parking lot! I'm thinking buying the wagon was a really good idea.. we have video of some of the madness that I will get up later.

As we were getting ready to put the wagon in the car and finally leave, I spotted a skunk ambling across the parking lot and into the plants they always keep in front of the garden center. I yelled for everyone to come look. We were quite a distance away from it, but close enough that to get a fairly good look at it. It was larger than the kids had expected a skunk to be. It was the size of a very large cat, or a smaller dog. It was quite furry, and had a very wide stripe down the back of it's black body. And it seriously ambled.. it wasn't quite a walk, and it wasn't a run.. We decided that it was quite cute.. that being said at a distance, of course.

As we were driving away, we saw it in the plants, and circled around to get a closer look. We thought we would try to get a picture.. with the windows closed. When we drove past the plants again, we were amused to start seeing cats among the big pots holding trees. First it was just one sitting next to a pot, and then we spotted a second one lying in a different pot, and two pots behind that, there was a third cat looking quite cozy in yet another pot. We attempted to get pictures in the dark, from the car, with the windows rolled up, with the camera in the cell phone.. not sure if you can actually make anything out from the pictures, but I'll post what I can later.

Wait.. we were talking about a SKUNK.. the skunk didn't seem to bother the cats at all. They turned their heads to look at it with idle curiosity when it made noise, scratching at things, but didn't bother moving in the least. WE must have made quite a picture though.. sitting in the car, driving forwards and backwards repeatedly looking for and following the skunk! After a bit, two of the cats moved. They started chasing bugs at the edge of other pots.. we wondered if that was what the skunk was doing there too..

The skunk was quite adept at hiding between pots, and we didn't see much of it, until one of the kids saw it ambling back across the parking lot in front of us towards the drainage ditch. I slowly pulled the car forward to see if we could get closer for a better picture. All of a sudden, the skunk put its big tail up and the tail seemed to spread out flat.. I took that for the warning it was, and did not get any closer. In the car or not, I didn't want to get sprayed! We watched it disappear into the ditch, and then left ourselves.

We had wonderful conversations about skunks and cats, and how animals would rather be left alone than come after a person, or hurt them. After all the vicious dogs in our neighborhood, the kids needed to see that for themselves again.

Did I mention it is the first live skunk we have ever seen? Very cool..

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