30 December 2009

The Chicago Adventure Begins...

Even the best laid plans do not guarantee smooth sailing.. we spent the day before our trip doing last minute shopping. Wouldn't you know that I didn't even think to measure the suitcases until the last day, only to discover that one of the suitcases was oversized. Since the oversized baggage fee was an extra $50, I thought that the last minute trip to the thrift store desperate to find warm clothes could include the hunt for a new suitcase.

Although we were not so successful in our search for warm clothes, not even finding any long sleeve shirts for the boys, and only sweaters for Ber and I, the suitcase search was a success! Not only did we find a really cute set of suitcases at a good price in fantastic condition, but we found two carry-on rolling suitcases to add to our entourage of luggage.

We ended up finding some long sleeve shirts at the regular store, so when we got home, we had tons of laundry to get done. We ended up staying up all night long to get the laundry and the packing done. (I still can't figure out why it took so long!) The boys both passed out at some point even through their excitement.

As the hour to leave rapidly approached, Ber and I dragged ourselves along, tripping over sleeping boys as we finished up the packing, and double checked our list to make sure we had everything. Our feet must have been really heavy since we ended up leaving over an hour late. I was thinking how glad I was to have planned extra travel time in to get to the airport.. we would have just enough time, but were cutting everything close.

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