14 December 2009

Christmas in Chicago..

Not that I am great at getting a post up every day, or anything like that, but my posts may become scarce over the next few weeks. The kids and I will be in Chicago for Christmas visiting family. Yeah! The love of my life is treating us to Christmas with family.. and of course he will be there too! 

It has been about six years since we have seen any family, and everyone is SO excited! After all, Little A will only be turning 7 in January. I'm thinking that the kids will have changed a bit since my mom and grandmother last saw them.. what do you think? I'm also thinking that my grandmother and my mom will have changed quite a bit since I last saw them.
The last several years have seen my grandmother through some very serious health problems and hospital stays.. she is still trying to recover her health, and at 80 years old, it is becoming a losing battle. My mother has spent the last year dealing with a diagnosis of a rare form of breast cancer. After months of chemotherapy, several weeks of further radiation treatments, and HUGE changes to her diet and starting to learn energy medicine, I am happy to say that the doctors are not seeing any sign of cancer cells or of micro cancer cells. I am also happy to say that I think the treatments might finally be done, and she will be on her road to recovery from them when we visit.
In addition to seeing various family besides them, we also want to do the tourist thing, and go see some sights.. Brookfield Zoo, Shedd Aquarium, maybe Navy Pier, the Sears Tower (or whatever they call it now!), and maybe even catch a real tourist tour of Chicago. I may have grown up there, but I never did anything like that.. I am looking forward to it!
Just to summarize, without having internet access while staying with family, I may not get a chance to post anything while we are away. Of course, I am still hoping to write some posts about our adventures, so hopefully I will have a bunch to tell you when we come back the second week in January!

If I don't get a chance to say it later..
Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year!

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