04 December 2009

They Are Going To Love This!

Although I love Christmas time, it is also my least favorite time of year. I absolutely love the Christmas lights, the displays that are put up, the caroling, the Christmas goodies, and the gatherings with family and friends. I love watching my children open up the presents I have carefully picked out for them, and seeing the expressions of pure joy. I love watching them delve into using their newly acquired possessions, forgetting that there are other people around, totally forgetting that time even exists.

So what makes it my least favorite time of year? Easy, the same things that everyone else dislikes.. crowds, cold, lack of sunlight, commercialism... Why do we all wait until the last month before Christmas to get all of our present shopping done? Wait, wait, I have an answer to offer! We wait because people's tastes change. Okay, mostly our kids.. you just never know what they are going to like until last minute, or what size they are going to be! It can't be the sales.. we all know that the prices are all raised just before Thanksgiving, so that everything can be put "on sale" for the regular price.. geesh.. and we fall for it every year! Last, but not least, I hesitate to mention that maybe we all are just a bit of procrastinators.

When Ber and I got a chance to go out shopping without the boys the other day, I was finally able to pick up a couple of the toys I really wanted to surprise the boys with this year for Christmas. I have been wanting to get them a racing game for the Wii, and I have looked at a bunch of them. I finally decided on getting them MarioKart for the Wii. I ordered it online for a fantastic deal.. love those coupons! Well, I had my eye on these Wii Nerf Racing Wheels to pair up with the game, and we ran across them at the store.. even better, they had one in blue and one in red.. the perfect colors for the boys! Of course I snatched them up right away, and now they are safely hidden away waiting for the last minute, "OMG, I haven't wrapped anything yet!"
Now to await the delivery of the game itself..
I hope I don't forget my hiding places before Christmas..
and I had better find that other box that I moved with us marked Christmas 2009!

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