21 January 2010

And The Day Goes On...

It had been one of those days that is full of mixed emotions, where things start to go one way, then plummet, before slowly starting the gradual ascent to happiness again. It was my youngest baby's seventh birthday. You would think that would be a happy occasion, but when siblings are involved that is not always true. My boys are only two and a half years apart, and it seems that birthdays are a trigger point of emotions. They are happy for each other on their birthdays, but at the same time jealous of the attention the other is getting on their special day.
For six years we celebrated birthdays and half birthdays alike.. so that the boys each had two joint parties in a year, one on their birthday and one on (or close to) their half birthday. This was the first time we didn't celebrate my older boy's half birthday.. and it was a disaster! It started out seemingly okay. The boys got their own breakfast, watched a movie together, and went outside to play together. It was somewhere about then that things started to decay. They started fighting.. not over anything is specific, but over anything and everything. Then they would start playing happily again. It was driving me nuts!
We finally managed to pull it together and get ready to go shopping and get Little A his birthday present. He asked for his first two wheel bicycle, and he had chosen which one he wanted from pictures online. As long as we were going over the mountain and into town, I put together the shopping list.
The rest of the evening went as expected.. tired kids, tired mom trying to get the shopping done. With that finally out of the way, we went to get my baby's new bike.. and found out it was $10 more in the store then it had been online.. figures. Well, I certainly wasn't going to be responsible for disappointing my baby. After all, I had told him that we were coming to this store that was a little farther away because they had the bicycle in stock. As we start walking to the front of the store, I reach for my camera to get photographs of Little A walking his first two wheel bike.. and realize it is in the car.. figures. I told the kids to take a break on one of the benches while I ran out to the car to get the camera.
You can see a few of the pics of the new bike and the trip over the mountain over at my new Project 365 blog at http://sparklechi365.blogspot.com/2010/01/day-four.html 
Getting the new bike into the car was more than a bit challenging.. remind me never to try that again! We finally ended up putting part of the back seat down, and making the boys squish together, to get the bicycle in.  I started to wonder if we would be able to get it back out again... The trip back home was long and dark, and the boys fell asleep.
I was so proud of my boys when we got home. They woke up and started carrying things in from the car.. wow, when did that happen? I go to open up the back hatch of the car to get the rest of the groceries, and.. it won't open. Yup, you read that right. The back hatch wouldn't open. The brand new birthday bike was stuck in the car.. figures.
Yet, the day goes on...

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