05 January 2010

The Chicago Adventure.. Airport Tales Continue

We got to the check in point and a wonderful employee asks if he can help us get checked in. I hand him our freshly printed out itinerary and he starts helping us on the self check in computer. As he cruises through the button pushing, he calmly says, “You know you can't make this flight.” It took a minute for that statement to actually sink in.. you can't make your flight.. umm.. 
Now what? 
What am I going to do?

He continues on, “You have just enough time to make the next flight.” That left me wondering how much more that was going to cost me.. but I was afraid to find out. Well, he rushes through the rest of the button pushing to get us checked in, and tells us they will call our name to check in the luggage. He says something about us being on standby for the next flight, and says he'll check the flight's availability for us. Then he sends us on our way to get to the gate and wait...

Everyone was wonderful getting the bags checked in. They helped us get the luggage tags on the suitcases, and were friendly and patient. With just the carry on luggage, we were a bit happier, and we still had the luggage cart, so getting up to security was much faster.

It has been quite a while since I have been on an airplane, and it was the first trip for the kids. So much has changed about flying in the last several years. I felt like we had to practically unpack in order to get through security. We had to take off our jackets, take off our shoes, and take electronics out of our carry ons to go through the scanning machine separately. Managing three kids and four bags by myself was a challenge I was not prepared for.. next time I am going to rethink the packing, and do it much differently!

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